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In 1980's, Silicon Valley took shape in transformation, great development, and expansion. As Asian population grew, people demand for more fresh and high quality Asian groceries.
In 1987, Marina Food established the first supermarket, centered in San Mateo providing Asian Foods and groceries.
In 1990, hot deli department was added in the store, and it supplied traditional Chinese BBQ food and also hot meals as well. As business expanded, the second Cupertino store was opened with the first in-store Asian bakery to provide freshly prepared pastries in 1991. In the year of 2000, Marina Food opened the third store in Union City and later in 2009, Fremont store was added into the chain operation. Currently, Marina Food has four stores serving the Bay Area with a total area of 120,000 square feet merchandising space. Each store has in-store hot deli and bakery. A centralized modern factory producing Chinese buns, dumplings, and other pastries under highly hygiene environment was established in 2010.


八十年代初期﹐硅谷逐漸形成、發展及繁榮﹐亞裔人口也跟著增加﹐自然而然﹐對時鮮及質優亞洲雜貨的需求也日益增長。 因此﹐

1987年: 第一家永和超市在聖馬刁應運而生﹐以銷售亞洲食品及烹調輔料為主。
1990年: 在店中增設熟食部﹐提供中國傳統廣東燒烤及熟食。由於業務蒸蒸日上﹐又于
1991年: 增開庫柏蒂諾新店﹐並附設亞洲麵包房﹐提供新出爐的麵包及點心。
2000年: 永和超市在聯合市開設第三家店。
2009年: 費爾蒙店亦加入連鎖營運。如今﹐永和超市共有四家分店服務灣區﹐總共有十二萬平方呎展示面積。每家分店均附設熟食部及麵包房。
2010年: 增設現代化中央工厰﹐在嚴格衛生環境中﹐生產中國饅頭、包子及其他麵食﹐以供各店銷售。經過多年發展﹐永和超市通過統購分銷﹐節省成本﹐薄利多銷﹐將經濟效益回饋顧客﹐強調物美價廉﹐為消費者提供最佳服務﹐也熱心社區公益﹐深得顧客青睞。